Kim Dormann
Hello you!
I'm Kim.

Kim Dormann, Media-Entreprenuer
and Creative Consultant based in Hamburg.

My passions are audio-visual media the digital world.

Together with my ambitious team we’re building all kind of solutions for moving images, entertainment and brand-communication.
The vision of our daily work is to rethink media in the context of the digital transformation and to come up with stunning content.
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I am looking forward to talking to you. Just give me a message.

Bring me on stage
for branded video content and
the transformation of media

keynote about social-video-livestream in 2018 on facebook and co.
(in german language)

keynote about social-video and livestream at the #dk2018

Creative Consultant for channels, agencies and brands.

Just like I work for my own company I do like to work with others to create great ideas and projects in the new digital media. The benefits of a partnership starts with direct input, great insights from a daily perspective and the design thinking mind of a digital native.

"Im Auto mit..." 1. Episode mit Oliver Rößling

"Im Auto mit..." 2. Episode mit Sven Wiesner und Anna Stadie

Interview mit dem Digital Kindergarten 2019

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